Pylon Signs

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Pylon signs, also called pole or free-standing signs can be quite impressive, offering excellent visibility that can be seen from down the street or across a freeway. These signs are created to stand up to the elements and help people see you quicker from further away. Typically made with a steel or aluminum frame and a flexible or rigid face displayed on one or both sides, mounted to one pole or between two poles, they are a great permanent solution for custom commercial signage.

Permanent signage often has local city or township ordinances that may need to be followed when it comes to height, size or illumination. You may want to check with the city first or have Impression Signs and Graphics contact them on your behalf before ordering.

Pylon Signs are a popular choice for bars, business parks, car dealerships, car washes, gas stations, hotels, industrial complexes, malls, mechanic shops, movie theaters, restaurants, retail shopping and truck stops.

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