Channel Letters

Channel Letters are versatile

Channel Letters can be creative

Channel Letters are luminous

Channel Letters add depth to your sign

Be seen day or night. Channel letters help raise awareness of your brand and location and require very little maintenance.

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What are they made out of and how do they work?

Each letter is generally lit from the inside, that light shines through the plastic sign face or sometimes out the back of the letter (called a halo-lit, or reverse channel letter).

Channel letters are always custom made, typically from metal and plastic, and are commonly illuminated with LED lighting or neon.

How're they installed? Do I need to worry about how they're connected?

They can be installed directly onto the building (each letter mounted individually) or on a raceway (a pre-fabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign and holds all letters and electrical components). Your type of installation and preference may be determined by a city ordinance or building owner.

Let our experts help with high quality channel letters that are manufactured to meet very specific standards including those needed to comply with electrical and building codes.

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